Welcome on my ultralight hiking blog. The english version is currently work in progress, but you can read the german pages also google translated until i finished the translation of each page.

Powerfilm LightSaver

Over the lasts months I was experimenting solar chargers to keep my electronic devices charged while I’m on Tour.  During my research I found the Powerfilm LightSaver. The LightSaver is a mobile charging solution, which combines a solar panel with an integrated battery pack in a small package. This Package weighs 137 grams or 5 ounces and suits perfect the ultralight backpacking approach.


About me

Welcome to my homepage about traveling and ultralight backpacking.

I'm a blogger and since a few years on worldwide hiking trips. I would like to share my way from a traditional backpacker to an ultralight backer.


English version of wwoe.eu

Dear readers,

It’s official, the German ultralight hiking blog worldwide-outdoor-experience.de is getting an English version. In the next months I will translate the content to English. I also want to adjust the URL of every article, so you were able to switch between languages.


Beeing on the trail means that you are off the grid. So keeping your devices charged is a difficult task. Even with solarpanels you have to calculate your energy consumption, the time between charging on the grid, the weather and other factors. To extend your possibilities solarpanels could be an option. In this category I will review some solarpanels which are used by me. I will test the weight, energy generation to identify when a solarpanel is useful and when a normal powerbank is the better option.



There are a lot of unessesary gadgets out there. In this category I will write about some useful electronics for the outdoors. 



Here I will publish articles about my used gear.


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